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 The Government of Vanuatu is Launching a Coral Reef Study

From 1-21 September, 2023, the Government of Vanuatu is launching a coral reef survey to gather information about the status of marine resources in Vanuatu. 

Divers will survey inshore coral reef habitats at 10 metre depth to collect information on coral reef health, fish and macroinvertebrates, and water quality.

The expedition will take place aboard a 49 metre vessel. The ship and expedition team have recently completed a similar expedition in Fiji, and previously conducted surveys in Samoa, Tonga, French Polynesia and other countries around the world.

The expedition is Government-led, planned by several Ministries with support from international partners the Waitt Institute and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The expedition will survey coral reef habitats beginning in Port Vila. Priority dive sites have been selected by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Fisheries Department, Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation, and Department of Geology and Mines.  

This information will be used to inform traditional governance and ocean management. Once the data has been processed it will be made publically available.


Contact: Mr. Toney Tevi +678 5542948

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